7 Things to Know Before Choosing a Domain Name of Your Business Website

In this novel COVID-19 time, when most of the businesses are struggling for survival and looking for ways to make their businesses on track. Some businesses have significantly improved and boosted their brand awareness and funds.

Yes, there are businesses those who are taking advantage of this time and growing their businesses.

These are digital entrepreneurs or businesses.

If you have a business and you were dependent on traditional marketing or offline marketing then it’s the right time to switch to DIGITAL MARKETING.

Now, you need a business website to start your company’s digital marketing.

Before, you develop a business website you need to decide or purchase a domain name.

Here I am going to share tips and tricks to use before choosing a domain name of the business website.

7 Things to know before choosing a domain name of the business website

#1 Availability

You need to know is that domain name available or not, using service provider tools. You need to cross-check on the different service providers.

#2 No Conflicts on the Internet

You need to check whether there is a related domain name already indexed by a search engine. For example, if you are going to buy a domain name ARTISNA.COM and ARTISAN.COM are already taken by someone and indexed by a search engine.

Another example, you are going to purchase KASPERKEY.COM and KASPERKIES.COM is already taken and indexed by the search engine.

You need to check the domain name on a search engine before finalizing it so that you have no bigger problems in the website SEO.
Watch the embedded video for more information.

#3 Short & Memorable

Your domain name should be short and easy to memorize by your clients and customers.

#4 Niche Oriented

You should choose a domain name that tells a niche. You need to use a formula (brand+niche). For example Ryan+travels= ryantravels.com

#5 Take All Important TLD’s extensions of that domain

Purchase all the important TLD’s extension of that domain. If you have a good budget and you want to go globally then buy all related extensions.
For example

#6 Compare Price

Compare the price on different domain name providers before finalizing it.

#7 Domain Name Transfer Facility

Check whether they have a facility of domain name transfer or not. Some time service providers don’t allow for domain name transfer.
Beware about this.

7 Things to Know Before Choosing a Domain Name for Business Website

For more information, watch the embedded video.

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