3 Reasons Why Your SEO Keywords Optimization Might Be Failing

3 Reasons Why Your Website SEO Keywords Optimization Might Be Failing

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the most important part of online marketing, as it not only helps startups get visibility but also improves the traffic and page rank of a website.  But, recently, SEO’s have shifted their focus from Search Engine Optimization to Keyword Optimization, and we will tell you why. Before we go ahead and learn why website SEO keywords optimization is important, let us understand what keyword optimization is all about. Keyword optimization is a process, which includes researching and analyzing the right keywords and choosing the best among them to drive organic traffic to your website in minimum time. This process is important as it helps your website rank… Read More

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7 Things to Know Before Choosing a Domain Name of Your Business Website

7 Things to Know Before Choosing Domain Name for Business Website

In this novel COVID-19 time, when most of the businesses are struggling for survival and looking for ways to make their businesses on track. Some businesses have significantly improved and boosted their brand awareness and funds. Yes, there are businesses those who are taking advantage of this time and growing their businesses. These are digital entrepreneurs or businesses. If you have a business and you were dependent on traditional marketing or offline marketing then it’s the right time to switch to DIGITAL MARKETING. Now, you need a business website to start your company’s digital marketing. Before, you develop a business website you need to decide or purchase a domain name.… Read More

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