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Hi There!

My name is Anand Kumar Jha aka Anandkjha™.

I am an aeronautical engineer by qualification and a freelance SEO expert in India by profession.

As an SEO consultant, I have more than 11+ years of experience in SEO & digital marketing.

As an SEO expert, I worked for 110+ small businesses and startups to grow with data-driven SEO & digital marketing.


Best Ecommerce SEO Expert- Anand Kumar Jha

If you want to take your e-commerce business to the next level with an online presence, you are on the right page.

E-commerce is one of the most competitive niches online. Getting your e-commerce business website on top of Google search results is not possible with proven and data-driven SEO tactics. If you want your ecommerce business website on the top of Google search results then you are on the right page.

SEO helps generate new leads by presenting the e-commerce business to both global and local viewers, thereby generating potential customers.

Hence, your company website or mobile application is incomplete until you hire an SEO expert. Today, you will come across many SEO service providers who promise you with high aspirations.

To help you out on your search for the best, this article explains all the services that only an SEO expert specialized in providing business SEO services will ensure you.

What is E-commerce SEO?

E-commerce SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique that increases the quality and quantity of website traffic by optimizing it for the users of a search engine.

If SEO is applied, the website appears on the top of the search engine result page (SERP) whenever a user searches for similar products with keywords. In SEO, there are different techniques used and some important techniques are on-page and off-page SEO, local SEO, etc.

Let us initiate with an introduction to some key elements of SEO. These elements are necessary to fulfill your e-commerce business SEO services.

These are –

Steps in E-commerce SEO


Initial SEO Audit

Before starting the SEO, an initial SEO audit helps to analyze the functionality and quality of the existing website. There are various types of SEO audits.

Keyword Research and Analysis

Keywords help in optimizing the visibility of a webpage. Researching highly searched keywords initiates SEO campaigns.

On page SEO

This includes multiple elements like meta tags, descriptions, and content to enhance the on-page optimization of a website.

Link Building

Also known as off-page SEO services, link building calculates the popularity of the web page on the internet.

Content Marketing

As a way of communicating with visitors, content helps in generating leads to a website. Text, images, and video are different forms of content on a website.

Video Marketing

Proven to be one of the most effective ways of online marketing, videos are content that helps in generating leads.

5 Benefits of Ecommerce SEO Services:

1. High Website Traffic:

When search engine users search online for similar products you are dealing with, SEO helps you to reach out to them. When those users visit your website, web traffic naturally increases.

2. Grow Brand Popularity:

For every e-commerce business owner, creating a brand identity and maintaining the same seems like a challenge. By increasing the website visibility in search engines like Google or Yahoo, SEO can help you to earn brand value within a couple of weeks.

3. Beat the Competitors:

If you aspire to compete with big companies, e-commerce business SEO services can pave the path for you. By creating an outstanding SEO strategy, you can make an excellent company profile online and win the race in the long run.

4. Increase Purchase:

The ultimate e-commerce business goal of online marketing is to increase sales and SEO is a tool that makes it happen. It helps you to connect to interested buyers via customer relations service, which can show you a rapid change in sales.

5. High Conversion Rates:

Monitoring the website traffic is possible with SEO and this can show you new ways to improve your business. Creating a user-friendly, fast-loadable, and simple website needs to be the aim of achieving a high conversion rate.

Are you looking for a certified SEO Freelancer expert in India for your e-commerce business SEO services?

Then, you are on the right page. With more than 7 years of experience in digital marketing, I am working along with my SEO team relentlessly (as a Google-certified digital marketing and SEO expert in India) with reputed clients from all over the globe for large-scale websites, some small businesses and startups to grow data-driven digital marketing.

If you wish to hire me for your digital marketing and business SEO services, you can book your appointment here.
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Ecopal Mobile Detail
Ecopal Mobile Detail
Wow! If you're looking for help with your website or SEO services look no further. His professional team was able to take my car detailing service in Flower Mound Tx to the front page of Google in a small amount of time with his hard work and dedication. He is very honest and affordable.
Silky Mahajan
Silky Mahajan
Thank you Anand for providing excellent support.
Mohamed Imran
Mohamed Imran
Has very good skills on Google SEO.
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rohit kumar
Faranak Marketing Research & Consultancies (FMR DUBAI)
Faranak Marketing Research & Consultancies (FMR DUBAI)
Professional team
twinkle star
twinkle star
He is one of the finest seo expert in india
kausik das
kausik das
We have been working with Anand since few months, we can see our search has been improving.
Satarupa Chakraborty
Satarupa Chakraborty
Such a trusted partner to work with, I'm associated with Mr Anand Kumar & Jha since the past 7 years. Each and every time the requirements were precisely given, the deadlines were clearly mentioned and there was not an inch space for miscommunication. We decide on how to produce customized content for each client based on the business niche and goal. Everything is transparent and target-driven, which makes him the best SEO consultant in India in my vision.
Dhivya Daniel
Dhivya Daniel
Quality Work and great experience... Highly Recommended for SEO and PPC.

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