How To Hire SEO Specialist Without Losing Quality & Performance

How To Hire SEO Specialist Freelancer Without Losing Quality & Performance {2023 Updated}

Internet users are increasing every hour and you need to be on the web to survive as a business or service provider. When your target audience searches for a service or a solution you want your brand to pop up in the top search result section. SEO and SEO Specialist Freelancer can do wonders with your online presence allowing consumers to view your business in their hour of need. Having an SEO audit is quite easy and can tell you where your website stands in terms of SERP. The question at large is If SEO is worth paying for. Like any smart businessman you need to make decisions and invest… Read More

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5 SureShot Reasons for Your SEO Organic Website Traffic Decline

5 SureShot Reasons for Your Website SEO Organic Traffic Decline

Is your SEO organic website traffic declining suddenly? This post is for you. Growing website traffic is a sign of good SEO and marketing. There are different sources of website traffic on the internet. Major types of website traffic sources are Direct: Traffic comes directly by typing website URL or opening the website Organic: Traffic comes from search engines Social: Traffic from different social media channels Referral: Traffic from other websites Paid: Traffic from search engines and social media paid ads Others: Traffic from undefined sources These are different types of website traffic sources on the internet. Today we are going to know more about organic website traffic loss. Here… Read More

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top 10 confirmed google seo algorithms update in 2022

Top 10 Confirmed Google SEO Algorithm Update in 2022

The year 2022 was a roller coaster year for most online businesses. If we talk about the SEO industry performance in 2022 there were also up and down situations. Most of the good website’s ranking dropped in Google SERP after December 2020 core update. These websites have seen some improvement since the start of May 2022. Why did this happen? This is due to different Google SEO algorithms updates from 2021 to 2022. Today, I am going to share with you the top 11 confirmed Google SEO algorithms updates of 2021 that vanish the sleep of most SEO experts and website owners. Let’s list out those 11 confirmed Google SEO… Read More

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5 Actionable Voice Search SEO Strategy That You Don't Know

5 Actionable Voice Search SEO Strategy That You Don’t Know

Voice search is the future because more screenless search devices are coming. So, you need to be serious for voice search SEO. 10 years ago, you might never have imagined yourself to be sitting across your living room, and saying ‘Alexa, can you please tell me what my mobile notifications are?’ Alexa, can you make the light of my living room purple? This is the kind of digital frenzy we are in today.  Voice searches are becoming increasingly famous. For Google web browsers or phones, you can chat with Google Assistant or Cortana. For Apple phones or iOS-enabled devices, you have a talking assistant named Siri. For driving roads, you… Read More

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7 Reasons to Choose Website Translation for Multilingual SEO

In today’s ever-changing dynamic era, we always look for innovation. A survey was conducted recently. It is estimated that 80% of the online crowd performs online, shopping, or business transactions if the firm has the site in their native language.  The native user finds it easier to toggle through home links or web pages. This can lead to increased network traffic in favor of the site. The firm can also stand at a better chance to improve their search rankings via Google Inc. Helping you understand some of the unique reasons as to why one must choose web translation services:– #1 Helps Build the Brand When a site is designed in… Read More

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