11 Signs Your Business Needs an SEO Expert in India(Before It's Too Late!)

India’s bustling digital landscape is a goldmine for savvy marketers.

But navigating the ever-growing SEO jungle can feel like trekking blindfolded through the Himalayas.

You pour your heart into your website, do interesting things, and sprinkle some basic SEO magic, but your online presence is still cruelly hidden from the prying eyes of Google’s algorithm.

Fear not, founders! If you’re experiencing any of these 11 symptoms, it’s time to drop the DIY struggle and hire someone capable of handling these all tasks with experience and talent. Hire an SEO expert in India like Anandkjha®


11 Signs Your Business Needs an SEO Expert in India

1. Zero Organic or Less Traffic: Your website has no visitors from search engines like Google. You have less traffic from other sources but you are not getting any business from those website visitors.

2. Don’t Know About Right Keywords: Your keyword research skills are stuck in the kindergarten stage. You’re chasing “purple polka-dotted penguins” instead of unearthing the hidden gems that attract your ideal customers.

3. No Content Strategy: Your content is informative, yes, but it’s as exciting as watching paint dry. You’re missing the SEO secret sauce – captivating narratives, strategic keyword placement, and a laser focus on user intent.

4. No Technical SEO Knowledge: Your website is a technical nightmare – broken links, tangled code, and a mobile experience fit for a flip phone. Forget Google’s favor, you’re lucky spiders aren’t building webs on your homepage.

5. Don’t Know About Local SEO: You’re a hidden gem in your own city. Your website doesn’t whisper “local business extraordinaire,” it screams “invisible to anyone within a 50-kilometer radius.”

6. Competitors are Winning Top Ranking: Your competitors are ranking in the top search results, while you’re stuck in the shadows. Their websites are sleek, and optimized, and attract leads like moths to a flame.

7. No Link Building Strategy: Your website is a lone island in the SEO world, devoid of the vital bridges – backlinks – that connect you to the wider digital world.

8. Lots of Data to Study but Not Making Decisions: You’re drowning in a sea of data, overwhelmed by analytics reports and metrics that dance like cryptic hieroglyphics on your screen.

9. Following Outdated Strategy from Old Skool Youtube Channel: SEO is a moving target, and your strategies are stuck in a time warp. You’re still chasing outdated tactics while Google rolls out new algorithms like a magician pulling rabbits from hats.

10. No Peace of Mind: SEO has become your second job, gnawing away at your precious time and sanity. You dream in algorithms and wake up in a cold sweat, convinced penguins are plotting your online downfall.

11. DIY Disaster Fatigue: You’ve tried everything – blog posts, tutorials, online courses – but your website remains stubbornly grounded. The DIY SEO dream has turned into a frustrating nightmare.

If any of these signs resonate with you, it’s time to wave the white flag and call in the SEO cavalry.

Hire an SEO Freelancer for your website.

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SEO requires experience and patience. Hire an expert who knows about the dancing of search algorithms and make sure your website appears in the top search results no matter which update rolls out.