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So, you are here to know about me. You have some queries in your mind like

Who is Anand?

How did he become an SEO expert in India?

How he becomes one of the leading SEO experts in India. 

What are his achievements in life?


This is a long story of a common man, who is living in the most beautiful city Chandigarh in India. He is a student of life struggles subject in the class of the world.

Too confusing, let me make it simple.

Coming to your queries.

My name is Anand Kumar Jha.

I am an aeronautical engineer by qualification and a certified SEO expert and digital marketer with data science as a profession. I am currently living in Chandigarh, India. I have worked for many small businesses to grow online.


Starting from my education. I have completed my schooling at GMSS school 37B Chandigarh. I have completed my engineering in aeronautics from IK GUJRAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY.

I have worked with scientists from DRDO, India. I have completed my industrial training from TBRL DRDO Chandigarh. I have worked on the projects of DRDO. My project work was appreciated by scientists.

Sometimes You Have Other Things to Fix against your degree.

Let’s start with my professional journey


As an SEO Expert, Digital Marketer, and Growth Hacker

I have more than 9 years of experience in search engine optimization. I started my career in the search marketing industry while I was in graduation. I got an interest in web development and marketing. Then I started my blog in the Aeronautical & Aerospace engineering niche i.e

I have worked with some renowned web consultancy companies in India.

I have contributed to some small businesses, bloggers, and startups’ success stories.

I am fond of new research on the internet, space, and data science.

anand kjha- best seo expert and digital marketer in india

                                                               This is how I looked in 2017

As a Flautist

I am a beginner flute player. I have a passion for SEO with Flute. I play flute in free time to get relaxed and calm.

Anand Kumar Jha as a flautist in India

You can listen to my flute playing here on AnandKJHA Flute Fue YouTube Channel

The story is not finished yet, you will read more about my achievements and experiences over here in the coming days.

As SEO Book Author

I am the author of 2 SEO books published on Amazon in 2020 & 2021. Check out these books here

Anandkjha seo expert author of 2 seo books

Visit Anandkjha™ Digital Team Workplace

Anandkjha Digital Marketing Services Workplace
           Anandkjha Digital Marketing Services Workplace

Since 2018, I and my team helping businesses to reach their perfect audience on the search engine and digital platforms using digital marketing services.

Our Mission: We work for improving the visibility & reach of our clients on digital platforms using the best team, technology, and trends.

Our Vision: Becoming the most trusted freelance digital marketing agency which helps clients to grow their online business from ZERO to HERO in any ethical industry.

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Certifications Achieved Till Now

1. Google Digital Unlocked by Google India (the Year 2017)

Digital Unlocked Certification 2017 achieved by Anand Kumar Jha, best SEO Expert in Chandigarh, India

Google India

2. Google Analytics Beginners Certified by Google, USA (the Year 2017)

Google analytics Beginners Course 2017 Certification achieved by Anand Kumar Jha, Best SEO Expert in Chandigarh, India

Google, USA

3. Google Analytics Advanced Certified by Google, USA (the Year 2017)

Google analytics Advanced Course 2017 Certification achieved by Anand Kumar Jha, Best SEO Expert in Chandigarh, India

Google, USA

4. Inbound Marketing Certification by Hubspot INC, USA

, and More…

Google Ads Certification in 2022 Updated

As a Google ad expert for the last 9 years, Google now certified my knowledge in Google search ads and Display ads.

Google Search & Display Ads Certification 2022 to Anandkjha

Google Search Ads Certification & Google Display Ads Certification in 2022.

See the live Google Ads certifications here.

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