11 SEO Tips for Educational Institution Websites for More Enrollment

SEO stands for search engine optimization which determines the ranking of your website in search engines. Thus, SEO for educational institution websites is critical as it places the website of the institution at the top of any search engine results. 

If your website is not listed on the first page, then you will not be able to reach out to your target audience. 

Here are 11 SEO tips for more enrollment towards your educational institution websites:

1. Begin with Website Technical Audit

To make your educational institution’s website more SEO friendly, you need to make a few changes to your website. 

The auditing process is a part of your educational institution website SEO, which will help you to make technical changes to your website. 

You should ask for a technical audit of your educational institution website before starting SEO

An SEO expert will do an audit of your website and recommend changes to your education institution website which will boost your SEO campaign.

2. Do Extensive Keyword Research

SEO for educational institution websites can be improved by researching the best keywords for the SEO campaign. You can add keywords that are related to the common queries of students these days. 

You can add a commonly searched course name that your institution provides on your institution website.  Check out this post on keyword research. Take the help of a Google certified SEO expert.

3. Content is King in SEO Campaign

Popular search engines such as Google focus on the great user experience. Hence, it brings out the most relevant and good content available on the internet. Apart from adding webpages to your websites focus on putting out more quality and user intent-based blogs.

It helps to retain the user on your website for a longer duration. 

Moreover, you can even indulge in email marketing as it helps with a broader range of audiences. Collect subscribers for email marketing through email marketing software. Also, provide freebies like ebook, webinar or offers for email collection.

4. Building Relevant Authoritative Links

You should start incorporating more inbound links on your website. In case you are clueless about what to do, you can seek professional help. Hire a dedicated certified SEO expert for building quality links.

If you have links from other highly authoritative educational websites, it will make your website look more credible. There are many ways where you can create more .edu links.

You can do broken link building for this. Search for broken links on .edu websites and reach the website admin for replacing that broken link with a new one. You can hire a dedicated certified SEO expert for this.

5. Focus on Local SEO

Many students, along with working professionals, seek courses that are close to their residence. Hence, you need to focus on local SEO as well. You can also choose to answer their queries on their website as it will make them come back to your website more often.

Take the help of SEO experts for high potential local queries for your business.

6. Making it Mobile-Friendly

With the introduction of mobile phones, strategies for SEO for educational institutions websites should focus on making the website more mobile-friendly. 

Check out this post on SEO strategies which include mobile-friendly fundamentals.

No matter where people are, mobiles help them to get what they are looking for. 

Often the desktop version is not compatible with mobiles. 

If students are unable to open your institution’s website on their phones, it will increase the bounce rate and decrease your website’s rankings on Google. 

7. Introduce SEO Friendly URLs

The URL structure is highly critical as people click on it to reach your website. However, it is often ignored. 

If your URL consists of random digits or alphabets, it will confuse your target audience. 

You need to make sure that you have a short URL with the target keyword in it. 

An SEO friendly URL helps Google to index your website accordingly. 

8. Making Website Interactive

All students can’t visit your educational institution’s campus. Hence, your website needs to be interactive.

Students all over the globe should be able to extract whatever information they need from your website and should be able to contact the institution whenever they have a doubt.

Feature such as an online tour of your institution, live chat option, filling out application forms online will help your website to become more user friendly hence SEO friendly.  

9. Organizing the Website Pages & Links

Apart from introducing all these features to do SEO for educational institution websites, you need to place things accordingly on your website. The information should not be scattered and should be well organized.

10. Choosing Subdirectories 

It is a rookie mistake to choose sub-domains over sub-directories. It will cause hindrance with Google’s process of indexing your page. In case you have a subdomain, make sure it lands the reader on the main page at some point. Take the help of an SEO expert for the planning of the URL and directories of your website.

11. Assessing the Performance of Website

You have to keep a check on the analytics and assessing the performance of your website. Make sure that your website is attaining all the short-term goals within the stipulated amount of time. In case you are still confused, you can contact SEO expert for this task

Making SEO for educational institution website can be problematic. However, if you follow these tips and hire the right person for the job, it will be a smooth ride!

11 SEO Tips for Educational Institutes for more enrollment

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