3 Reasons Why Your SEO Keywords Optimization Might Be Failing

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the most important part of online marketing, as it not only helps startups get visibility but also improves the traffic and page rank of a website. 

But, recently, SEO’s have shifted their focus from Search Engine Optimization to Keyword Optimization, and we will tell you why.

Before we go ahead and learn why website SEO keywords optimization is important, let us understand what keyword optimization is all about.

Keyword optimization is a process, which includes researching and analyzing the right keywords and choosing the best among them to drive organic traffic to your website in minimum time.

This process is important as it helps your website rank better on search engines, and gain visibility. 

Not every webmaster finds this helpful, and one of the main reasons for the same is that their optimization is failing once and again. 

So, what can be the reason behind the failure of SEO keywords optimization? 

Let us have a look at the top three reasons below. 

#1 Lack of Proper Keyword Research

Keyword analysis and research are the backbones of search engine optimization. If you as a marketer are failing with your campaigns from time to time, you need to review your keyword research. By using the right keywords, you not only target the right audience but also drive organic traffic to your website. So, make sure you spend some time doing keyword research before you start a campaign. You can also make use of some amazing SEO tools that are available online for free. 

#2 Keyword Stuffing

While the use of keywords is good for your marketing campaign, overuse of the same can kill it at the same time. Many people often have a misunderstanding that the use of more keywords will provide high visibility and ranking to the website. But, this can be another reason why your SEO optimization is failing or is not providing the needed output. 

Keyword stuffing is also called as a black hat technique, and repeatedly doing the same can cause your site to de-rank. This might even get your website removed from Google, forever.

#3 Over Optimization of Keywords

You might be using the right keywords after thorough research, and are not into keyword stuffing too. But, why is your marketing campaign failing? 

Most of the campaigns that deal with SEO for startups end up over-optimizing the keywords, as they want their website to rank quickly in Google. However, such a technique can backfire and do more harm than good. 

So, how do you optimize keywords the right way? Let us have a look at a few techniques.

How to Optimize Keywords the Right Way

By now we are well aware of the fact that keyword optimization is one of the most important factors that help you rank your website on search engines. So, if you are planning to rank your website for a keyword, make sure your focus on optimizing and not over-optimizing. 

Go as per the guidelines provided by Google, and work towards creating quality, and rich content that makes appropriate use of the chosen keywords. 

If you are planning to use the keywords on content on your web page, make sure it is at least 300 words. 

Search Engines love useful and unique content, and by naturally adding the keywords to the content, you are increasing the chances of obtaining visibility. 

You also need to use the keyword within the content, without overusing it. 

As per the best SEO practices and Google guidelines, the keyword density should always be less than 2%. 

To make keyword optimization effective, you can even make use of synonyms, long-tail keywords, and more. You can also include the target keywords in the first paragraph, the description, and the title tag as well. 

The Conclusion

Now that you know the reasons that contribute to the failure of website SEO keywords optimization, make sure to follow the right methods to obtain high page rank on Google. 

If you are unaware of where you start from, you can get in touch with ANANDKJHA™ SEO Team here.

Do you know any other factors that lead to the failure of SEO keywords optimization? 

Do let us know in the comment section below.