5 Actionable Voice Search SEO Strategy That You Don't Know

Voice search is the future because more screenless search devices are coming.

So, you need to be serious for voice search SEO.

10 years ago, you might never have imagined yourself to be sitting across your living room, and saying ‘Alexa, can you please tell me what my mobile notifications are?’

Alexa, can you make the light of my living room purple? This is the kind of digital frenzy we are in today. 

Voice searches are becoming increasingly famous.

For Google web browsers or phones, you can chat with Google Assistant or Cortana.

For Apple phones or iOS-enabled devices, you have a talking assistant named Siri.

For driving roads, you have Google maps talking to you.

Here, you have numerous examples to tell you how conversation-efficient digital devices are becoming.

Therefore, if you want to catch up with this trend, you surely need to make your content voice search specific.

REMEMBER : You need to make your website pages appear in ZERO search results to get voice search traffic.

Here are 5 actionable voice search SEO strategies that can help you optimize voice searches in a streamlined manner:

Strategy # 1– Give or Add Answers to Top Questions Asked

The first thing to appear in the ZERO search result is to answer the top questions of your domain. You can research for the top questions in your niche on following sites like

  • Quora
  • Google People Also Ask
  • Niche forums and communities

To design content supporting voice search SEO, you must structure your data accordingly.

Write content as to how you would speak to your friend or colleague.

Include question pellets into your content.

This is mainly because humans will pose a bunch of questions to the digital device.

‘When can I get my Pizza delivered?’ ‘Which is the best salon that offers me services near my location?’

Hence, when you design content, you must make it like a questionnaire or an FAQ format.

Search engines also look for other factors to rank your website. Top factors include:

  • The speed at which your site opens up
  • Relevancy of content
  • Qualitatively related backlinks
  • SSL or secure link (HTTPS)

This way, they position search results by displaying the relevant business groups.

Professional SEO exponents must consider the scenario.

This way, they can optimize relevant voice search-friendly content for search engines. 

Strategy # 2– Structure Your Data Using Schema Markup

You cannot gauge each human query while designing data. You can only arrive at a few probable or generic scenarios, to name a few. To structure data, you can make use of these backend page codings.

Let me list them down for you:

  • Schema Mark Up– This tool categorizes your data into relevant groups. Structuring data via Schema mark-up is not going to affect your rankings directly. However, effective categorization can help place your site at a better edge over your competitors.
  • Metadata- You give away vital information on what your site is all about. This can directly get into your web page’s source code. The visitors may not be able to see it. But the technique goes a long way for microdata engines to organize or classify the data in a neat manner. 

Structuring data into relevant snippets, categories or data domains can be little time consuming and complex. However, the efforts are highly rewarding as you get fantastic search scores via Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs. 

How do you think microdata is relevant to your voice searches?

When users look for local businesses, they want to know:

  • Operating hours of business
  • Contact details and addresses
  • Directions from highways

Micro data ensures that search engines classify this kind of info. 

Strategy # 3– Make Sure to List Your Business on Local Listing sites

It is always the ideal thing to mention your business info via online directories. This way, you can portray the same among web audiences as and when needed. Google has its online directory that you can make effective use of. 

It is named ‘Google- My Business listing’. You can mention the core details of what you are into. A meta description of 100 words on what you are mainly into would suffice.

Then, you include your contact details, email address, and nearby branches if you can. You can also mention operation hours. In a neat, precise, and streamlined manner, all the relevant details are stated.

Voice search queries will directly pick info from the site and answer the web user’s query. It is a 100% sale for you.

You can use it for your pizza delivery domain or cake bake orders so that consumers always locate you via their local searches.

Top Local listing sites are

Strategy # 4– Use Optimized Content Types

Voice search queries need not always attract sites that use text-based info. You can also use captivating infographics, images, and videos in your metadata. Attractive images give a better weightage while attracting consumers to doing sales with you.

You can post pictures of your store. Else, if you are running an online delivery service and do not own a physical store, you can give away images of your cakes, pastries, or other delicacies you churn out via your brand.

This way, you persuade more prospects or leads to real-time customers. You must also have your site mobile compatible. As most of the consumers place shopping orders via their smartphones.

Secret: Use data or stats related high quality images in size of 160 x 200 px, 960 x 1200px etc. Don’t forget alt text on images.

Strategy #5 – Add 1100+ Words Content

Research reveals that web pages with more than 1100 words get more chances to appear in zero search results. You should include every side of your topic. Don’t add biased content.

You should implement these 5 voice search SEO strategy to right now to get your visibility in zero search results hence website traffic from voice search.


You do want to lose out on the current trendsetter.

Hence, you must incorporate these strategies to convert voice search queries into sale deals. 

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