How To Hire SEO Specialist Without Losing Quality & Performance

Internet users are increasing every hour and you need to be on the web to survive as a business or service provider.

When your target audience searches for a service or a solution you want your brand to pop up in the top search result section.

SEO and SEO Specialist Freelancer can do wonders with your online presence allowing consumers to view your business in their hour of need.

Having an SEO audit is quite easy and can tell you where your website stands in terms of SERP.

The question at large is If SEO is worth paying for.

Like any smart businessman you need to make decisions and invest where it shows.

Well, the answer is quite simple.

Google your brand or business and see where your website lands.

If it’s not on the first page then you need to get there as your brand is missing potential leads and thus profits.

amazon brand search results as example of best seo case study
Example of Amazon Brand Search Results

A dedicated SEO expert can help you get there and add value to your marketing efforts.

  • What Are The Basic Questions To Ask Before You Consider An Agency?
  • What keyword research option do they adopt?
  • Investigate what is their approach towards improving user experience
  • Ask them to evaluate your website and make suggestions for structural or integral changes
  • Inquire about their SEO practices and check on their in-depth knowledge of On-page and off-page SEO
  • What are the link-building strategies the agency follows
  • How often do they plan to review marketing strategies

If done right SEO can easily replace more than 100 best salespeople that your company can ever have.

Imagine the people who have the very problem your brand solves are browsing online.

SEO will ensure your brand pops up in the search results and encourage the user to view your services.

Once the viewer has evaluated your business if it’s a good fit he will eventually make the purchase.

All this is happening while you can get your employees to work on expanding your range of services, engage in new partnerships or find new opportunities to grow.

As you browse through companies offering digital marketing and SEO services and narrow down your options to land on the best option.

It is essential to consider the valuable quality and services that help you reach your marketing goals.

What’s The Best Way To Hire An Seo Specialist Freelancer?

Before you find yourself an SEO specialist it’s imperative to know what they can bring to the table.

Learning basic concepts of SEO can help you properly vet your business prospects. Having a decent grasp of the concepts of digital marketing can help you optimize your marketing strategy.

Research well in terms of market rate or else you might just wind up paying more.

Tips To Find A Qualified SEO Specialist Freelancer

Irrespective of the level of your SEO knowledge you can pick a qualified SEO expert with the help of our guide to finding an SEO ninja.

We have listed 7 essential questions that can help you zero in on the ideal candidate that fits the bill.

● There are innumerable digital marketing experts who are willing to offer services that boost your rank on the search engine. However, what makes your top qualifier different from the rest is the key to finding the best ninja.

● Get the narrowed-down companies to describe their methods and experience. Allowing pitching shall help you get a foundational sense so that you can gauge their skill level with current digital marketing and SEO practices.

● There are multiple ways within SEO methods that help you drive traffic to reach the top search engine rankings. Offer the shortlisted experts a practical scenario and allow them to respond to solutions within real-world possibilities.

● Opt for full-service companies and gauge tier proficiency over integrated campaigns that can support overall success. It’s beneficial to have a well-rounded option to have a stronger impact and better site performance.

● Choose a result-driven SEO expert rather than relying on quick services who claim to help you climb the ladder in just a few days. SEO requires hard work, tracking, dedication, time, and constant efforts to produce traffic. Experts who claim to show immediate ranking changes are either fooling you or have no knowledge of SEO whatsoever.

● When it comes to SEO your whole website can undergo structural as well as code-level transformation apart from content. You might just end up with a total makeover. If in the wrong hands, your business and website could surf huge losses. 

● Eight out of ten searches happen on the phone. Hence it’s imperative your website is optimized for mobile phone users.

7 Tips To Find A Qualified SEO Specialist Freelancer

When Can You See The SEO Results?

If you are looking for an SEO specialist freelancer then you are essentially on the lookout for a position on the search engine. Showing up organically on the search results isn’t something you see happen overnight.

Search engines take various things into consideration before even listing you on the search pages, leave alone getting to the top of it. Every single detail needs to be meticulously drafted in order to tick the right boxes in the web world.

An SEO campaign isn’t something that garners results within a few days. Each company has a different way to optimize its website based on its resources, expertise, and targets.

The SEO specialist should be able to give an estimate of the timescale to achieve your SEO goals. Search engines are constantly updating so there can’t be an exact date to meet the goals.
when can you see the SEO results

Tracking SEO Progress Is Easy With Analytics

There are various parameters that can guide your progress on the SEO track. Right from keyword ranking to bounce rate everything shows up on the analytics.

Your money invested isn’t going to show results with just hard work.

One needs to constantly monitor all the factors and stats to keep up with the pace in the digital world.

Assure the company you hire offers KPI (Key performance indicators) weekly or monthly to track and plan your SEO strategy accordingly.

Google Analytics is your best bet when it comes to the evaluation of your efforts.

You can easily get exact numbers of visitors, time span, quality of search traffic, etc.

It’s vital to keep track of the progress you make for check-in place and solid return on investment.

Reports are the key to improving and optimizing your SEO strategy. You can track new developments, and pinpoint areas of improvement and shortcomings through these reports.

You can demand weekly, monthly or quarterly reports from your SEO expert.

It is the most reliable way to keep a check on your marketing goals and whether it aligns with your targets as you move forward with your marketing campaign.

Find The Best SEO Specialist Freelancer For Your Web Presence

SEO is one of the best strategies across the globe to market your business to the masses. Search engine optimization helps you navigate through the web and reach out to your target audience.

It has huge potential for revenue growth at a low entry price.

The best thing about SEO is you can decide how much and where your money goes. Besides, you can track the outcomes of your investment easily.

SEO gives your business long-term results that add to your ROI. Of an in-house team together it’s a steal deal.

Why Choose A SEO Specialist Freelancer For SEO

Today 8 out of 10 business ventures choose to work with an SEO freelancer rather than having an in-house team for the same.

SEO requires expertise and years of experience getting it done from an expert can be expensive but compared to the overall cost it’s a steal deal.

Do not fall prey to cheap SEO traps. Anyone offering services below the market rate could be a potential scam.

As the saying goes, what good is never cheap and vice versa hence picking an agency with good reviews cost is a secondary factor.

Quality SEO is never cheap but again it gives almost 10 times more than it takes. 

Why Choose A SEO Specialist Freelancer For SEO Infographic

How To Choose The Best SEO Freelancer in India

● Once you have a seed list based on your choices, references, and ratings on Google you already got your ball rolling.

● Once you have your goals aligned after an initial brainstorm with your team get the quote from the shortlisted company with the services they offer

● Opt for SEO freelancers that have specialized in SEO. Zero in SEO freelancers that are hyper-specific to your business needs.

● Once you have the top few contenders on the paper it’s time to check their website and evaluate whether the company is worth your time.

All you need is to go through four primary pages: homepage, About Us, Testimonial, and social media.

Go through the details and specifics of services offered. Read the reviews and testimonials to judge their services.

● When an SEO Specialist Freelancer has an entire page to fill out with reviews you know they have done some good work.

Positive reviews show the quality and dedication of the agency. If you don’t see that kind of endorsement then it’s best to scratch away the option.

● Evaluate the strength of your choice using online tools like Ahref’s, Moz, or simply just google their brand name.

How To Choose The Best SEO Freelancer in India Infographic