7 Points to Know for Doing Right Google SEO

Search engine optimization is a very challenging nowadays because every new month we found an alert there is a new algorithm update which affects the traffic of many blogs.

Fred update on 8 March 2017 was one of the biggest sleepwalkers for many webmasters.

There is a need to know the right way to do Google SEO.

Today, I am going to highlight some of the best ways or signs to judge whether you are doing right Google SEO or not.

Beginning with the simple definition of SEO.

What is Google SEO?

SEO is in my words is a group of methods to improve the ranking of web pages on SERP.

That’s it!

If you are improving the ranking of web pages on SERP then you are on the right track and you will watch the growth in organic traffic on your analytics dashboard.

But, this is not enough!

You have to keep your eye on the following points to know you are doing right SEO.

  • Algorithm Updates
  • Right Keywords
  • Page Speed
  • Unique and Comprehensive content
  • User experience
  • Social Media Influence
  • Conversions

1.Algorithm Updates

This is a critical point of SEO because you have to create your SEO strategy according to the new updates by Google or another search engine. For example, Mobile update in 2015 was a big update which forced all webmasters to make their website mobile-friendly. Now, you will found every knowledgeable website mobile friendly.

So, you have to make your strategy on the new updates by Google or another search engine which you want to target.

I suggest: Add a Google alert on the algorithm update

2.Right Keywords

Keywords are the basics of SEO, so you have to choose the right keywords for your campaign. Many SEO’s suggest you target long-tail keywords.

Wait a minute! Is it worthy?

No, you have to choose mix keywords for your campaign because short tail keywords can give you a large number of users on your website. Choosing the right keyword is the most important. If you are choosing the right keywords then you will get the right audience on your website with valuable conversions.

I suggest: Choose the right keywords considering your audience demographics.

3.Page Speed

In this fast world, anyone does not have enough time to wait for a page to open more than five seconds. The user likes to skip to another web page result.

Amazon loses billions of dollar if their web pages delayed by seconds. So, you can imagine how much page speed is important in SEO.

If you are doing right SEO then you are having less than 5 seconds page speed.

I suggest: Check your page speed on GTmetrix and Google page speed insight.

4.Unique Comprehensive Content

Content is king in SEO. Most of you have heard about that. This is true that without content you cannot improve your SEO unless you are a big brand like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, etc..

You need to add unique and comprehensive content on your web page which delight the user and give the useful answer for his/her query.

I suggest: Add unique and long content of more than 2000 words.

5.User Experience

User experience is critical in SEO because if you are not delighting your users on your website then you will face lower ranking and high bounce rate.

Pogo sticking is a term which defines user bounce back to SERP if he/she is not satisfied with the experience on that website. So, always try to delight your users on your website. Do everything for improving your website user experience.

I suggest: Work on your site architecture, responsive design, page speed, and content

6.Social Media Influence

Social media influence is required for improving your SEO. Search engines collect signs of votes from users on social media. If your web page content is informative and useful then you will get more shares, likes, upvote, retweets, and pluses. You need to make a good reputation and followers on social media. 

I suggest: Add social sharing buttons on your landing pages.


Conversions are sales, leads and email subscription. This is what you want from an SEO and digital marketing campaign. If you are getting conversions on your website it means that all other processes are going well. This shows that your Google SEO is going on the right track.

I suggest: Add goals and funnel visualization in your analytics account.

7 Points to Know for Doing Right Google SEO


Modern Google SEO is challenging so you need to strictly follow the guidelines and updates of Google. Delight your users on the web page by improving page speed, site architecture, and content.

I hope these points will help you to judge whether your SEO is going to the right platform.

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