Should You Hire an SEO Expert in this COVID-19 Time

Should you hire an SEO expert in this COVID-19 time?

This is a big question that you are wondering right now if you are a new startup or small business.
You know about SEO and how this helps your website to grow.

Now, you are in worry for investment for website SEO in this terrible time of COVID-19

If you haven’t hired anyone for your website SEO, then you are thinking about hiring an SEO expert in this COVID-19 time.

Most of you get views and thoughts of not hiring anyone for your website right now.

Most of you are in the fear of economic slowdown.

I will give you 3 reasons why you should hire an SEO expert in this COVID-19 time.

1. SEO Takes Time to Show Results

SEO is a long term organic marketing strategy. It takes a minimum of 5 to 6 months for good ranking in search engines. Different countries in the world are researching the vaccine of COVID-19 and it will take time to stabilize everything. Around 190+ countries are facing a lockdown.

This is the right time when you can hire an SEO expert for your website. Moreover, you have more time to discuss and observe your website SEO. You should take advantage of this COVID-19 time.

2. Competitive Edge

The greatest investor invests or starts anything new when the majority is going from it. Leaders have the vision to see the future outcome in their work.
If you will hire an SEO expert nowadays then you have a competitive edge because most of the hustler or startup founders have not started their organic marketing (SEO) due to fear of COVID-19.

Moreover, you will have a competitive edge in different parts of organic marketing. For example,

  • Competitive edge in content marketing
  • Competitive edge in website audit and technical improvement
  • Competitive edge in link building and more.

3. 10X ROI Investment

The investment you will make in this COVID-19 time for your website SEO will give you 10X results in the future.
More you have the first-page ranking of the website, your chances of getting the high closing rate will be high.

Take this COVID-19 time seriously. Utilize this time in growing your business and knowledge.


I wish we all come out of this terrible time ASAP.

Wish you a safe and healthy LOCKDOWN