10 Sure Shot Ways To Get Rid Of Google SEO Penalties Without Tools

10 Sure Shot Ways To Get Rid Of Google SEO Penalties Without Tools

In the twenty century, most professional business owners and webmasters know about the importance of Google rankings

If you want to boost the organic drive to your site, then you must need the Google ranking to get success

But you need to be careful enough about the Google penalties as these can reduce search engines. 

Therefore, it may decrease the organic traffic to your website that affects your business and branding.

To get top rankings in Google, you must go through this article. 

You should remember that Google doesn’t discriminate. 

It doesn’t matter how expanded, successful, or well-established your business is. 

Google always prefers unique content.

Search engine ranking suddenly dropped? 

Don’t worry.

Here, we have unpacked the top ten ways that can help you to get rid of Google penalties. 

By following these methods, you can easily avoid Google penalties. 

#1 Never Purchase Links

Whenever you purchase any link, there will be a risk of having penalties from Google. 

If you are thinking about any mercy from this large search engine, then it will be the biggest mistake you have ever made in your life. 

#2 Don’t Stuff Your Contents With Keyword

For those who want to rank their site on Google, should consult with SEO experts

They will always recommend you not to stuff keywords in your content. 

It is one of the worst penalties that you can get from Google. 

This giant search engine is still against those websites that stuff keywords. 

You can avoid Google penalties easily by writing the contents naturally. 

And make a habit of using keywords for 2-3% that is a rule of thumb. 

#3 Never Post Superficial Contents In Your Site

According to the recent updates, Google can now reach and comprehend site content similar or better than humans do. 

As a result, if you use shallow content, it sometimes leads to penalties for your site. 

Maintaining an ongoing industry-related blog with well-written content is a great option to avoid penalties.

#4 Don’t Publish Non-Unique Content  

Google always wants plagiarism-free content. A spammy website can affect negatively the users, therefore Google always focuses more on the quality of the contents.

If someone publishes non-unique content, then for Google it is called duplicate content. 

It can happen in two ways. 

First of all, Google checks whether your page will contain such contents that are similar to other pages or not. 

Secondly, you can get penalties while you will post the same content on various sites. 

#5 Including Ads That Makes it Hard for Viewers to Navigate

It is the reason why Google added its unique Page Layout algorithm. 

It implies that Google gives penalties to those pages which contain too much content at the top of their pages that make users feel overwhelmed.

#6 Try Not To Hide Your Content

Always try not to hide your content. When someone tries this procedure to get a high ranking in search results, Google gives them penalties. 

To increase the ranking of the site in search engines, even a few SEO experts give a similar color to their content that matches the background color of the page. 

But instead of getting top ranking, it leads to a penalty. 

#7 Represent Yourself As A Judicial, And Legal Business

Google always tries to offer a top-quality experience to searchers. When you optimize your site, it will help you to enhance the ranking of your website and reduce the chance of gaining a penalty to your site. 

#8 Add URLs Not Only For Search Engines

Want to avoid Google penalties? Then, you need to generate such URLs that are clear, concise, and written for the user. 

But while making URLs for your site, you need to make sure that the purpose of it is not only attracting traffic but also to get search engine rankings.

#9 Spamming Of The Links From Several Websites

It is also a great way to avoid Google penalties. Many agencies include it as their strategy without having depth knowledge of it. 

It happens when people include a link to their site manually or by taking assistance from an automated platform.

#10 Hacked Website

Nowadays, hacking becomes a big issue. Google has spider bots that can realize which site has been hacked. 

Therefore, Google gives a notification that “this site is hacked.”



If you want to avoid it, you must go through these ten ways that can help you to avoid Google penalties.