Top 11 Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring Best SEO Consultant

The best SEO consultant is an expert of Search Engine Optimization who helps in improving visibility of your business website on the search engine with high potential leads and conversions.

Are you a business website owner?
Are you going to hire the best SEO consultant for your website?
You don’t know how to choose the best SEO consultant?

Here I am giving you 11 essential questions that you should ask before hiring an SEO consultant for your website SEO.

This will work as a funnel which will let you know the best SEO consultant for your business website SEO.
Nowadays, there are lots of SEO consultants who claim to be the best but very few know about the fundamentals of SEO.

Being in this industry from the last 7+ years, I have explored this list of essential question from:

Let’s learn about those SEO questions. Here we go

1. How you define SEO as an integral part of digital marketing?

Ask this question from an SEO consultant that you are going to hire for your website SEO.
The answer should be reasonable and relates to current marketing trends.
The perfect answers will include data, examples, success stories, and uniqueness.

Most of the SEO’s will answer like SEO is very important for businesses because Google has billion of users who are looking for information, services, products and more. If your website will be visible on top search results then you will get more business.

This is just 1% answer to the question.

In this question, you will be able to sort out the person who is really helping businesses to grow through SEO

2. Why Google keeps on changing search algorithms without any notifications to webmasters?

Ask this question to an SEO consultant. The perfect answer will include
reasons, search algorithm history, and fundamentals of SEO.
This question will help you to know the SEO consultant knowledge on Google search and how it works.


3. How many keywords do I need to get the best SEO results?

You have heard from few SEO’s that content is king in SEO. I want to add on that keyword is the queen in SEO.
Ask this question to an SEO consultant to know his/her knowledge on keywords research and process of SEO.
The perfect answer will include numbers, reasons, budget, and planning.

4. How many months do you need to give me the first page results?

Now, I think this is your best question to ask an SEO consultant.
This question asked by many clients and your pain points lies in this.
Ask this question to an SEO consultant to know his/her knowledge on search algorithms, the experience of niche, strategy, and planning.

The perfect answer will include numbers with reasons, experience, and honesty

5. How will you audit and fix my website SEO technical issues?

Most of the SEO’s skip these things and just start off page work without fixing On page issues and moreover website SEO technical elements.

Ask this question to know his/her knowledge of technical SEO and audit.

The perfect answer will include processes in audit, reasons, technical problems solving tools and activities.

6. How do you report me for my website SEO work and progress?

There are very few SEO’s who show transparency in reporting as well as regular work. This is not important that he/she will show you every task of the off page during building links because most of you will not understand and will cause unnecessary involvement.
The end results should be growth in organic traffic or improvement in keyword ranking with conversions.

The perfect answer will include time interval reporting like weekly and monthly.

This question will help you to know the transparency in his/ her SEO work.

7. Do you have any out of the box strategy in SEO?

Most of the SEO’s are using same On page & Off page tactics in SEO and they aren’t able to show results to clients. SEO is tricky and evolving so you need a person who is updated and ready with some new weapons for great SEO results.

Every niche has different keywords and strategy but the fundamental of work will be the same.

The perfect answer will include tactics with results and data.

8. Do you have an R&D team in SEO?

Most of the SEO consultant don’t R&D for a client project or they don’t have an R&D team for their client website SEO.

The perfect answer will include “YES” with field expert and past results.

9. What types of clients you have now?

Ask this question to know the existing client of the SEO consultant and their website performance. Due to a client project, privacy and confidentiality any of them will not tell you names of their client and project but they can share some allowable projects success stories.

The perfect answer will include client success stories with results.

10. Can you bring my website on the first page in 1 week?

This is a tricky question that you need to ask every SEO consultant to know that he is honest, hardworking and updated by white hat SEO techniques.

The perfect answer will contain “NO” because SEO controlled by search algorithms.

Anyone who is claiming first ranking in a few days in $$$ price. Please stay away from these types of claims

11. Why should I hire you?

You have heard about this question so many time in job interviews but this question will also help you to sort out the best SEO consultant.

This question will summarize his experience, knowledge, skills and working strategy.

The perfect answer will make you confident for great SEO results from that SEO consultant.

This should be the final question by asking his payment options.

I have not included questions like the experience of the field, other services, payment policy and etc…

I think these are secondary things in hiring the best SEO consultant, because If the SEO consultant is eligible after giving the perfect answer, then he/she will definitely give you high ROI from the SEO campaign in the best possible time.

Note: The perfect answer will include reasons, data, example, and confidence of work that will excite you.

Now, at last

Why I have added this blog on “top 11 essential questions to ask from SEO consultant before hiring“?

My main aim was to aware you about how to choose the best SEO consultant without playing with your money and time.

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