11 Valid Reasons to Choose Freelance SEO Services over Agency SEO Services

Many of you are already know about freelance SEO services but most of you don’t know these 11 reasons to choose freelance SEO services over agency SEO services.

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After reading the post in those 2 links, you will come to know what to see in the best SEO freelancer and what is the current statistics on SEO service around the world.

Let’s dive into 11 reasons to choose freelance SEO services over agency SEO services.

#1 Affordable SEO plans

Freelance SEO services are more affordable than agency SEO services. For agency SEO services, the client has to pay higher money for keywords and content separately.


#2 Dedicated SEO Expert Supervision

In freelance SEO services, there are fewer projects with a small group of experts from content, social media, links, and research, etc.. Freelancers are more dedicated to your project as compared to Agency.

Freelancers provide more focused and dedicated work.


#3 Deep Research & Analysis

Freelancers usually are free-minded and they do research and analysis from their comfort of home, garden, and any other nice place which gives them positive energy. They have no restrictions on deadline and pressure because they know their client requirements.


#4 Better Communication on Strategy and Planning

Freelancers have better communication on strategy and planning for website SEO. They provide you reasonable information on how, when, what and where.


#5 Transparency in Work and Reporting

Freelancers are dedicated to client projects that’s why they provide valid weekly and comprehensive monthly report.
They also explain to you why these particular SEO activities.


#6 Improve Website and Landing Page Experience

Website is the most important asset in SEO, so making this asset more user-friendly is required. Improving the landing page SEO experience covers :

  • Website HTML meta tags optimization
  • Click-through rate optimization
  • Website landing page relevancy and readability

Note: Freelancers with long experience can help you in that.


#7 Improve Website Performance

Freelancers in their freelance SEO service improve your website performance by weekly and quarterly checks in

Note: These things are also known and researched by experienced and certified SEO freelancers.


#8 Improve the Conversion Rate on the Website

Conversion rate optimization is a crucial part of digital marketing because you need to make your landing pages ready for conversions. Conversion rate optimization not only increases your visitors, but it also increases your website credibility.


#9 Effective Content Marketing

Content marketing is an indispensable part of SEO. Without content marketing, you should not expect any big results from the SEO campaign.
In freelance SEO services, you get relevant and targeted content marketing services.


#10 Out of the Box Planning

Many time you get frustrated to get the same answer from your SEO’s that SEO takes time even after 12 months.
In freelance SEO services, freelancer takes the responsibility of projects and deliver results by out of the box planning.

This out of the box planning is available with only experienced and certified SEO freelancers.


#11 Freelance SEO services give high ROI

Freelance SEO services give high ROI in the long run because the money you have invested in your website SEO is lesser than agency SEO services.

Moreover, freelance SEO services are more dedicated and result oriented services than agency SEO services.

Agency SEO services have their disadvantages and advantages. You should opt for agency SEO services if you are a big eCommerce company, online marketplace, and online community. SEO agency usually charges a bigger amount for project handling and planning.

I hope these 11 reasons will help you in making your decision for freelance SEO services over agency SEO services.

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