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Best SEO Services in India Which will Drive Your Business to Next Level

Are you looking for best SEO services or packages? If I am not wrong. You have an online business or you are planning to make it online.

You have heard about SEO earlier or you want to handle someone your website SEO.

So, we will start with some terminologies related to best SEO services like

  • Initial SEO Audit
  • Website Technical Audit
  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • On page SEO
  • Link Building
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Marketing

#1 Initial SEO Audit

Initial SEO audit consists of analysis techniques which are used to make an SEO audit report on the website. Before starting SEO, this is required to know what is wrong with website SEO. What is missing?
What is required?
Is there any search engine penalty?
Whether the site is blocked?
and many more. Initial SEO audit helps you and your SEO consultants understand the pitfalls of your search engine optimization. There are 12 different types of SEO audit. These are

1. Competitive Website Audit
Competitive website audit report consists of reporting on top online competitors of your business. These competitors websites have the good online presence. You need to know why they are performing well on the internet. This SEO audit report will help you.

2. Technical Website Audit
This a part of SEO audit in which expert analyze the technical SEO faults of the website. This report helps you to know the health of the website.

3. UX Design and Website Content Audit
This SEO audit report helps you to know your website user experience and content relevancy. This SEO audit includes site architecture, color combination, responsive pages, speed and more.

4. SEO Link Audit
If you want to know your current website backlinks which is making you weaker or stronger over the internet. This SEO audit will help you to know your current backlinks.

5. Regularly Scheduled Follow-up Site Audits
This SEO audit will let you know about improvements in your SEO campaign after every SEO audit.

6. Lead Conversion Optimization Audits
If you want to know why users are not converting on your landing page then this SEO audit will help you.

7. Social Media Audit
This SEO audit helps you to know what is the influence of your business on social media. It collects all data from your different social media channels.

8. Site Health Audits or Position Audits
Know about the position of your current page on SERP and also know about any algorithm and manual penalty.

9. Schema Markup Structured Data Audits
This SEO audit helps you to improve your website Schema markups on the landing page.

10. E-Commerce Shopping Cart Audit
If you have an e-commerce shopping cart then you can take this SEO audit. This audit will help you to remove the barriers for users while shopping.

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or you can get one detailed SEO audit report which consists of all these 10 website audits. If you want a comprehensive SEO audit report then you can drop your query here.

#2 Keyword Research and Analysis

One of the most important tasks in SEO campaign. The keyword is a base of beginning an SEO campaign. Choosing a right keyword not only helps in getting the right audience for your business but also saves lots of time and money in SEO.
The keyword is known as the queen of SEO. If you able to choose a right keyword then you are going to win the game.

Keyword research is a process of researching keywords on the base of competition, average volume, and potential of conversions. It requires a deep knowledge of search engine algorithm updates, the behavior of SERP, and online competition on business.
If you want to hire an expert for keyword research and analysis. You can contact me 😀

#3 On page SEO

On page SEO or on page optimization is a part of SEO. In this, we need to optimize the page for the search engine. We take care of some on-page elements like

  • Meta Tags
  • Content
  • Mobile friendly
  • Page Speed
  • Security and more.

On Page SEO is something without that you can’t achieve SEO goals. We need to optimize the page before putting it on SERP known as Search Engine Result pages.

#4 Link Building

The link building is most important in SEO. It is the part of SEO and known as off page SEO. The search engine like Google, Bing see the popularity of the page of the website on the internet.
How they calculate the popularity of page?
The answer is Link.
We need to make high quality, authoritative, relevant, and natural link. Google loves the natural link so that’s why we need to make backlinks which is safe under search engine algorithm updates. Google updates like Penguin is very dangerous which can become your nightmares. So, you should hire an expert for a link building campaign. You can hire me. 😀

#5 Content Marketing

Content is the most powerful thing on the internet and people like to respond after interacting with the content. Content has a power to bring leads, sales, and users for your online business.
But why all the content doesn’t work?
The answer is all the content are not well researched and up to the mark of the user.
Content is a king in SEO. You need to do research before posting content and after that, you need to promote it on various influential channels.

First, you create an amazing content and share it with your right audience. This is content marketing and also known as blogging.
That’s why every online business has a blog on the website.
If you want someone, who can handle your content marketing. You can hire me. 😀

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#6 Video Marketing

I don’t want to explain to you the importance and virality of excellent video.
The video is a type of content and it’s most used and watched over the internet. We are in an era of the fastest internet and that’s why we like to see videos.
Some internet giants like Amazon, Microsoft, and more useful videos to approach their right audience. Video marketing is a sharing of the best video on the right channels over the internet.

These are some terminologies related to Best SEO services. SEO is a great investment for the future. Because the future is more online.

When you are going to hire an SEO expert. He and his team going to provide you with these SEO services.

If you want to hire me for any of these best SEO services. You can request a callback here.

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