11 Advanced Tactics to Crack Google Search Engine Optimization 2023

Google search engine optimization is not your cup of tea now.

Every year Google rolls out a number of algorithms that change the SEO game.

In 2015-2016-2017-2018-2019-2020-2021-2022-2023, Google surprised webmasters with a new algorithm update. Google algorithms like Mobile Friendly, Rank Brain, Quality Update, and last but not least Penguin 4.0. and now the helpful content update is big. 

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You need a new strategy and tactics to crack Google SEO in 2023. After researching the web and my experience in the SEO world.

I have listed here 11 sure-shot tactics to crack Google SEO 2023. Here I have categorized my sure shot tactics on the ON page and OFF page.

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ON Page Advanced SEO Tactics

1. Meta Tag Optimization

Title, description, and keywords are the most important elements of ON page optimization. I hope most of you know about the character limits of meta tags. For the title, the character limit is 65-70. For description, the character limit is 150-155. Try to mention your focus keyword in the title, description, and body of the long content page.

2. Long Content

Content is king in search engine optimization. Competition in Google SEO has now increased. Considering the 200 factors of Google ranking, the long content of more than 700 words. Write unique and researched content with data. Try to cross the 1000-word post barrier.

3. Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly is a ranking factor in Google searches. After the rollout of a mobile-friendly update in 2016. Google gives more traffic to complete mobile-friendly pages. Test your landing pages on a Google mobile-friendly test. Make sure your landing page is mobile-friendly.

4. AMP

Accelerated mobile pages are the trending SEO tactics of 2017-2018. You need to create accelerated mobile pages. If you are a WordPress CMS user then use the AMP plugin. You can check the error on your accelerated mobile pages via Google Webmaster. eBay is the first eCommerce site to create accelerated mobile pages.

5. Page Speed

Page speed is most crucial for organic traffic and more conversions on the landing page. According to research, most online buyers close the landing page after 5 seconds. You need to create faster pages to get more sales, leads, and traffic. You can check the landing page speed on GTmetrix, and Pingdom.

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6. Local Keywords

One of the biggest mistakes in SEO is choosing the wrong keywords. Choosing the right keywords is necessary. I have learned this after analyzing 300 web pages. Keywords with low difficulty scores are good keywords for the page. Use local keywords in the title and description of the landing page. When you use local keywords, your competition decreases. Local keywords give you more targeted traffic.

7. Image Optimization

Most of you ignore image optimization. I am not only talking about the title and description of the image. I am talking about size, space, ALT text, and ALT attributes. You should try to use focus keywords in image optimization.

8. Video Optimization

In the year 2018, video marketing is going to boom. Be ready with engaging videos on your landing page. You can use YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo widgets to apply them to your landing pages. The title, description, and tags are the most important elements in video optimization. Write a detailed description of the video and don’t forget to use focus keywords in the title, description, and tags.


In 2023, after the introduction of helpful content updates. EEAT is a ranking factor. You need to add content written by an expert in the field. Add a bio at the end of the post. Create topical authority by adding different posts on the same niche for building authority. Add FAQ, privacy policy, terms and conditions pages on the website.

10. Internal Linking

Internal linking is a hidden arsenal in the SEO field. Utilize your own website for link building first. Find pages with a high number of links or pages ranking well in Google searches after that link your nonranking pages to ranking pages. Also, link to different blog pages of your website.


OFF Page Advanced SEO Tactics

11. Guest Posting

Most of you forget this tactic, but guest posting is the best way to earn quality and safe links. Send guest posting mail to webmasters. Don’t spam and try to deal with one webmaster at once. Follow the guidelines of their guest posting and post accordingly.

12. Social Bookmarking

These are the evergreen tactics to earn links and traffic. Social bookmarking is a quick and easy way to earn links. Use these safe and evergreen social bookmarking sites.

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13. Broken Link Building

This is a nightdream technique. Most of us try to achieve broken linkbacks but fail. This is one of the toughest Google SEO tactics. I know the road map to achieve a broken link back. Analyze some high DA PA websites, and landing pages using the tools like CheckMyLinks. If you find any broken link, immediately write content on that in the text. Mail the webmaster about broken links and offer your content to him for the link back.



Always read and update your website according to a new Google algorithm. Regularly read some renowned blogs like SearchEngineLand, SearchEnginWatch, MOZ, and SearchEngineRoundtable.

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