How to Hire SEO Freelancer_ 21 Amazing Ways That You Don't Know

How to Hire SEO Freelancers without Lacking Quality?

Do you want to know how to hire SEO freelancers?
Would you like to know how to select the best SEO freelancer for your website?
Do you know how to save lots of money at the beginning of startup marketing?

This post is specially made for you if you are looking for the above questions on hiring SEO freelancers.

Before diving in, I would like to share some facts and data on startups around the world and the reasons for their failure.

According to this survey report by, Every day 137000 businesses give birth or 5 million startups founded and registered.
90% of startups fail or closed in the first 4 years.

startups with years of existence
Startups by Years of Existence

One of the biggest causes of startup failure is poor marketing or bad marketing or wrong marketing. Check out this below image

causes of startup failure around the world
Report by Failory on Causes of Startup Failure
Top 10 Reasons for Startup Failure
Report by SmallBizTrend: Top 10 Reasons for Startup Failure

Marketing is the pulse of any business life. Marketing gives sales and sales to give revenue.

I am taking my part as a Google certified Freelance SEO Expert or Digital marketer with 7+ years of experience. I will try to cover one cause of startup failure i.e. poor marketing here.

If you want to learn more about startups’ failure, you can check these 2 articles below.

In digital marketing, SEO plays a major role in online business growth through the website.

Hiring an SEO freelancer is a tough task for most of the startup’s founders or business owners.

This will be not anymore now because in this blog I am going to share 21 amazing ways to hire SEO freelancers that most of you don’t know

Note: You will come to know or learn some weird or unusual ways of hiring SEO freelancers here. You need to select one easy way to hire an SEO freelancer for your website.

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Before, moving ahead I would like to inform you that I have researched on it. This is my view on hiring SEO freelancers.

Maybe some of them you know but most ways you have not discovered.

#1 Freelancing Sites

Most of you know these types of sites but for people who don’t know let me share the names of top SEO freelancing sites.

You can hire freelancers from here in your budget. You can hire SEO freelancers on the base of previous work, ratings, and pricing.

Beware: Check the value in their services before finalizing freelancers. Also, check their reviews, and previous work and ask for an action plan

#2 Facebook Groups or Communities

There are some Facebook groups and communities of SEO experts, digital marketers, and freelancers where you need to join the group and then you can post your requirements. You will be flooded by messages and emails.

Beware: Check their experience, skills, and prices before hiring them. Ask SEO hiring questions.

#3 Friend Referral

You can ask a friend for an SEO freelancer who has already worked for him. If your friend has hired someone for SEO and your friend is satisfied with the work then you can ask to refer them.

Beware: Ask for his experience if any in your website niche. Also, check their previous work and ask questions.

#4 Colleague or Staff Referral

Sometimes your colleague or company staff can give you a good SEO freelancer. If your company is of a 10+ team then you can announce a good SEO freelancer requirement with a referral reward.

Beware: Check the credibility and performance of the referrer and also SEO freelancer.

#5 YouTube Videos

You watch videos on YouTube for infotainment and entertainment. If you are looking for an SEO freelancer then search queries related to SEO freelancers on YouTube. You will get the number of experts.

Beware: Check their experience, skills, and prices before hiring them. Ask them for an audit report, the initial action plan for your website.

#6 Linkedin

You can post a job on Linkedin for SEO freelancer requirements.
You can also use Linkedin search for hiring SEO freelancers.
Check their profiles, experience, recommendations, and articles.

#7 Quora

Quora is the largest question-answer site. You can find great experts in any field here. Check answers to top questions related to SEO and check the answers of different experts. Contact the expert whose answers you like most.

#8 SEO forums & Communities

These SEO communities are already flooded with SEO experts. You can contact any SEO freelancers from here. Check out this list of some SEO communities and forums:

#9 SEO Services Emails

You receive lots of emails these days for website SEO. You can check the real or concerned email sender. Most of the email is spam but you can sort out emails to reply if you see these things in the email:

  • Your website name
  • Your name
  • Existing website challenges
  • Action plan

Beware: Check their website, portfolio, and freelancer skills. Take time in finalizing.

#10 Freelancer Visit to Your Office

This is very rare but it happens sometimes. SEO freelancers can visit your office for freelance SEO services offer. You need to check out their portfolio. Ask them “why I hire you?”

#11 Conferences & Meets

Conferences and meetups are great places to interact, network, and hire experts. You need to attend SEO conferences and meetups for this. Check out regional, national and international events in SEO and digital marketing.

#12 Job Portals

Job portals are not only for hiring full-time employees now you can also hire freelancers over there. Job portals like:-

#13 CoWorking Space Communities

Every CoWorking space has a community and there are lots of freelancers working in various fields. You need to ask for your website SEO. Fix a meeting with them for hire.

#14 Training & Placement Institutes

Digital marketing training and placement institutes have lots of high-will students. You need to contact institute management for an interview and then you can hire an SEO freelancer from there also.

#15 Blog

Every day you read some blogs for information. Similarly, you can read blogs on SEO and digital marketing. There also you can contact a blog author for SEO services.

Note: Check out the author’s profile, website, and portfolio. Ask SEO hiring questions and action plans.

#16 Barter Service Communities

This is unusual and very rare. Barter is known as an exchange of services for both parties’ benefits. If you have any product or service which you can give a freelancer free of cost to get his SEO services then it works. In this case, a freelancer must be agreed to this. Barter service communities are found in the international business meet, national business meet, and regional meet or expo.

#17 Online Talent Hunt Competition

You can organize an online talent hunt competition where you invite people who are in SEO for competition.

Reward the winner and shortlist the top 10 participants for the interview.
You need to well promote the page or competition on social media so that a maximum number of people can contest.

#18 Local Newspaper & Magazines

You can post your freelancer job openings in the local newspaper or magazine.

Contact the advertisement department of local newspapers or magazines. You can also contact agents for these tasks. You can hire an SEO freelancer who is near to you.

#19 Job or Requirements Posting on Company Website

Keep your website career option open for freelancers. Post requirements of SEO freelancer with eligibility and experience details on your website.

#20 College Job Fest

I know some of the ways you have learned here are with little hassles and processes. That’s why I have given 21 amazing ways that you have not heard of anywhere.

Hiring SEO freelancers from the college jobs fest is also rare and a great way because here you can interview and select the right candidate.

#21 Website of SEO Freelancer Found by Google Search

This is the last but not the least way. I have saved this for #21.
If anything doesn’t work for you then you need to check out the SEO freelancer website.
Here is a trick you need to use, you need to search or go with search terms in Google like

Note: Avoid sponsored results where you see Ads written at the left top.

These are some examples of search terms with your location.

If you want someone from your locality then you use search terms with the city name.

You can also add the “BEST” search term as a suffix for hiring SEO freelancers.
Check the image below for an idea

ranking top on best seo freelancer in india- AnandKJha

You need to interact with the top 10 websites and ask them for their quotes and portfolio.

Benefits of Freelance SEO

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Skills to check in SEO freelancer

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I hope you found this post helpful for hiring SEO freelancers.

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