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My name is Anand Kumar Jha. I am an aeronautical engineer by qualification and digital marketer by profession with 7+ years of experience.

I have 7+ years of experience in SEO and digital marketing. I am a Google and Hubspot USA certified expert. I have helped small businesses and startups to grow with data-driven SEO & digital marketing.

So, this is my short introduction to you.

Let’s take a shallow dive in the niche of SEO and its expertise.

What you will learn here?

  • Why SEO is important?
  • How SEO helps in lead generation
  • Who is an SEO expert?
  • What does an SEO specialist do?
  • What skills to check in an SEO expert?
  • How to hire an SEO expert?

So, starting with the low airspeed

1.  Why SEO is important?

So, starting with an example. Suppose you are a newcomer in New York City, USA. You are very happy in your new house, suddenly you found that you have running tap problem. You are looking for a plumber to fix this issue. You are new in the city so you don’t know anyone near you who can fix this issue.

In this extreme digital era, you searched on Google for the “best local plumber near me” You got your plumber who visited your house and fixed that problem without taking much time.

Here the user gets the expert for his problem and an expert get a job.

Google created a WIN-WIN platform for everyone.

Suppose you have a local business of plumbing and you are looking for plumbing jobs. You come to know that having a website will solve the problem, so you have designed a website. After making a website you see again the same condition like no job calls or leads.

What to do now?

Here come SEO i.e Search Engine Optimization and role of an SEO expert.

SEO helps your website to reach your targeted customer through search engines like Google.

An SEO expert is a person who helps your website to get visible to your targeted audience on the search engine most of the time.


Let’s know about 7 benefits of SEO for small business and startups

#1 SEO is the free way to gain new customers and users to the website
#2 SEO keeps your business and its related services at the top in organic results
#3 SEO helps in boosting website traffic
#4 SEO improves brand reputation
#5 SEO helps in getting genuine customers every day
#6 SEO saves money in the long run
#7 SEO has a high ROI

2. How SEO helps in lead generation?

Nowadays, SEO is one of the topmost ways to generate leads for businesses.
Google and other search engines have millions of regular users who are looking for information, news, suggestions, products, and services.

SEO helps you and your website to get visible to your right audience most of the time on the search.

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3. Who is an SEO expert in Houston USA?

An SEO expert, consultant, and specialist is a person who has skills and experience of dealing with ranking in Search Engine Result Pages.


7 Qualities to check in the best SEO expert, consultant & specialist.

  • Knows SEO Fundamentals
  • Know about latest and previous algorithms update
  • Knows Web technical skills
  • Knows about digital analytics
  • Knows about link building and its processes
  • Knows about machine learning and how its effecting search
  • Well educated and experienced

4. What does an SEO specialist in Houston USA  do?

An SEO specialist do the following things for your business website

  • Website technical audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • On Page Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Optimization

5. What Skills to Check in an SEO expert in Houston USA?

You should check these 9 skills before hiring an SEO expert, consultant, and specialist for your business website SEO

  • SEO Fundamentals
  • SEO Technical Audit
  • Link Building
  • Digital Analytics
  • Content Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Google and Bing Algorithms
  • Basic HTML and Web Designing Language
  • Introduction to machine learning

6. How to Hire an SEO Expert in Houston USA?

Follow the steps to hire an SEO expert.

Now, comes my turn

Why choose AnandKJha for your business website SEO in Houston USA?

  • Google & Hubspot Certified Skills
  • R&D team for various tasks of SEO
  • Best premium SEO tools for research & audit
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