How to Boost DA PA of Website

How to boost DA PA of the website in 30 days?
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So you have a website and you know about SEO. You are doing website SEO or your in house team doing your business website SEO. Then, Most of the time you have heard about DA & PA of a website.
In this post, we will know
What is the DA PA of the website?
What is the significance of the DA PA of the website?
How to improve the DA PA of the website?

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So, DA called Domain Authority & PA called Page Authority.
Every domain has 1 domain authority and several page authority. (depends on the number of pages on the domain).

DA PA plays a major role in the ranking of the website.
More you have high DA PA then more you have chances to rank higher on the search engine.

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How to improve DA & PA of the website in 30 days

  1. Website Architecture
  2. Internal Link Juice
  3. Listings
  4. Mentions or Profile
  5. Submissions
  6. Blogging
  7. Images Posting

Follow these steps and for more understanding watch the embedded video.