21 Indispensable Qualities of the Best SEO Freelancer in India {2019 updated}

Are you looking for the best SEO freelancers in India?

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Yes, I am talking to you.

First, read this post on 21 indispensable qualities of the best SEO freelancers in India.

SEO is the cheapest and profitable way to get regular customers from Google or other search engines to your website.

SEO is the only affordable way in digital marketing which drives potential customers or audience to your website.
But, SEO is not easy now and it will be not in the coming days.
All those SEO’s who claim the first rank on Google in 1 month. Please stay away from those peoples. They are black hat SEO magicians. They will do black hat SEO for your website. In some days, you will start to see top page ranking but after some days you will see none of your website results will appear in Google.
Making fool of Google is not so easy now.
I would recommend you to stay away from these SEO magicians.

The ethical and White hat SEO takes time but it gives you long term results.
I would always recommend you to go with a white hat SEO expert.

In today era, SEO is tricky now. You can’t rank your website in the top results of Google and another search engine if you don’t know the ethical SEO tips & tricks.

In this blog post, you are going to know the 21 indispensable qualities of the best SEO freelancer in India.

Whenever you are going to hire someone for your business website SEO. Always check these qualities and skills in the best SEO freelancer in India.

#1 Experience

The best SEO freelancer in India has minimum experience of 5+ years in SEO & digital marketing. Without that much experience, he/she will not able to make your campaign successful.

#2 Certifications

The best SEO freelancer in India has some certifications from reputed digital platforms giants like Google and Hubspot. The most important certification is from Google i.e Digital Unlocked Certification.

#3 Good Communication Skills

The best SEO freelancer in India has good communication skills. He or she knows how to interact or start a conversation with the client. How to understand the client problem and give them a possible solution with good communication. Many SEO’s are poor in communication skills that’s why they are not able to understand clients problems.
Good communication skill is a must.

#4 Basic HTML Coding Knowledge

He or She must have basic HTML coding knowledge. The web market is created and developed on HTML coding that’s why HTML coding knowledge is a must.

#5 WordPress or CMS Knowledge

More than 40% of websites on the internet are developed and managed on WordPress CMS. The WordPress CMS is user as well as SEO friendly. The best SEO freelancer in India has knowledge of using and optimizing the website on WordPress CMS.

#6 Good Content Writing

The best SEO freelancer has also good content writing skills. If he or she knows content writing then he or she can give you better advice on SEO friendly content.
The content writing is not all about writing content in SEO it’s more than it.

The SEO friendly content has 3 major important parameters i.e.
Good grammar & readability
Optimized for target keyword

#7 Online Researcher

He or she must be a good online researcher. He or she can spend time researching on the internet to give you the best results in the best possible time.

#8 Data Scientist (Beginner)

Data is power in today era, those who want to build great empires in the future. They should start working on data. The best SEO freelancer in India has basic data science skills.

#9 Search Engine Algorithm Knowledge

He or she must have updated knowledge of all search algorithms. Every year Google roll out the update in search algorithms to make better and safe user experience. So, the updated knowledge of search algorithms is required in the best SEO freelancer in India.

#10 Social Media Algorithm Knowledge

The best SEO freelancer in India must have experience and knowledge of social media algorithms. Search giants like Google give indirectly preference to social media reach.

#11 Out of The Box Thinker

I have already told you that SEO is tricky. So, you should always hire an expert who has out of the box thinking.

#12 Analytical

The best SEO freelancer in India has great analytical skills. He or she must have the knowledge to analyze and interpret data from digital analytics.
The greatness of digital marketing is that it can be analyzed and measured.

#13 Problem Solver

He or she must have problem-solving skills. You as a client may have lots of problem with your website promotion. But, the best SEO freelancer in India can solve your website problems.

#14 Technical Skills

Technical skills contain knowledge of web techs. The expert who has an engineering background is best suitable for your digital marketing and SEO campaign. The technical background of the expert helps you in many ways during campaigning.

#15 Good Listening

A good listener is a good problem solver. The best SEO freelancer in India should have good listening skills.

#16 WordPress Plugins Knowledge

More than 40% of websites on the internet are developed on WordPress CMS.
Plugins are the most important part of the WordPress CMS. The knowledge of various WordPress plugins helps in solving different kinds of website issues. It also saves your money.
But, be careful some plugins are dangerous for site security. So, the knowledge and experience required here while installing and activating a WordPress plugin.

#17 Chrome Extensions Knowledge

There are many chrome extensions are available for website developers which saves their time in analyzing website issues. The chrome extensions like SEO quake, Keyword everywhere and Google URL shorteners are great.
The best SEO freelancers in India have knowledge of these worthy chrome extensions.

#18 SEO Tools Knowledge

SEO tools improve the working performance of an expert. There are free as well as paid tools available which reduce cost and time on complex tasks of online marketing. The best SEO freelancers in India has knowledge of these SEO tools

#19 Link Building

Link building is a vital part of SEO. With this, I want to add high authority related link building is very much required. Link building builds the authority of your website on the search engine.
The best SEO freelancer in India must have good link building experience.

#20 Web Advise | Web Analyzer

Now, I am telling you out of SEO. This is something which every best SEO freelancer in India must have that is knowledge of the internet. He or she can advise you what is safe to use for your website. What are the security hacks, How to save personal data and credentials from hackers online, etc.?

#21 Good Learning

The best SEO freelancer in India should have good learning skills. SEO is changing every year, so learning new things quickly and constantly is required. If he or she has good learning skills then you can consider him/her for your website SEO.

These are 21 qualities which I have noticed in the past 7 years of my digital marketing experience for the best SEO freelancer.
I have noticed these qualities while working for small businesses and startups in India, Canada, USA, UK, and Australia.

If you are looking for someone for your website SEO, then you can hire me or request a callback.

I hope you find this post helpful for choosing the best SEO freelancer in India for your business website SEO.

Comment below if you have any other quality to check in the best SEO freelancer in India.

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