5 Actionable Voice Search SEO Strategy That You Don't Know

5 Actionable Voice Search SEO Strategy That You Don’t Know

Voice search is the future because more screenless search devices are coming. So, you need to be serious for voice search SEO. 10 years ago, you might never have imagined yourself to be sitting across your living room, and saying ‘Alexa, can you please tell me what my mobile notifications are?’ Alexa, can you make the light of my living room purple? This is the kind of digital frenzy we are in today.  Voice searches are becoming increasingly famous. For Google web browsers or phones, you can chat with Google Assistant or Cortana. For Apple phones or iOS-enabled devices, you have a talking assistant named Siri. For driving roads, you… Read More

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7 Reasons to Choose Website Translation for Multilingual SEO

In today’s ever-changing dynamic era, we always look for innovation. A survey was conducted recently. It is estimated that 80% of the online crowd performs online, shopping, or business transactions if the firm has the site in their native language.  The native user finds it easier to toggle through home links or web pages. This can lead to increased network traffic in favor of the site. The firm can also stand at a better chance to improve their search rankings via Google Inc. Helping you understand some of the unique reasons as to why one must choose web translation services:– #1 Helps Build the Brand When a site is designed in… Read More

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